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So a lot of my time is just sitting around looking at things…

Looking At Things

…begins Jay Dedman in “Looking At Things.”

I found this entry on Jay’s Momentshowing vblog.

Watch the video from his site.

It shows that you don’t need grandiose plans and big budgets to do something engaging.

Work from where you are at…

Just a glimmer of refracted light can incite inspiration in you and others.

Thanks, Jay, I am inspired…


P.S. To give credit where it is due… I found Jay’s video on FreeVlog.org -which I will reference more later. For now, check out their storytelling video about what I’ll call the making of “Looking At Things”.

I suggest you watch both videos.

Why I am inspired:

  • As a marketer: Subtle, ethical marketing without effort, beautiful imagery without special effects, a quick memorable introduction to a brand (possibly unplanned, as a conscious decision to market the brand) – but beautifully done, none the less
  • As a person: Encapsulated a universal thought. Feeling of connectiveness (if that is a word) in both the simplicity and complexity of an instant. The ability to show something that is always there, but rarely given attention (which blends back into why I love it as a marketing piece)

Why are you inspired… or not:

Leave a comment and let me know…


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Hello world!

First words, first impressions, first post…

How to begin?

What do I want the world to know about me?

As a marketing professional, I come across lots of great information and tools. I plan to share the best of those with you.

In fact, to begin with, here is a link to the free tools page I have started on my business site: UniqueThink.com

So enjoy and come back here often. Looking forward to sharing lots of great advice, guidance and shortcuts.

Focusing on the possibilities…


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