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Do you Squidoo?

Have you been to Squidoo? Or better yet, have you created a lens on Squidoo, yet?

I found out about this great tool in Dec. of 2005, when I built my first lens. That was after I heard Seth Godin speak about it at EComXPO.

I’ll be speaking more about Seth, EComXPO and Squidoo in future posts, but for now I want to address something that just happened with Squidoo.

Recently, I noticed my rankings on the search engines were going down (for my Squidoo pages) and today I read a post by Ed Dale on the subject.

I wrote more about it on my corporate blog and thought it was worth redirecting this audience to, so you can read about it and ask me specific questions.

Instead of duplicating what I wrote there (bad to do, if you didn’t know), I decided to include a link here for you to follow:


Let me know how this idea works for you and what questions you have about any of the topics discussed in this post. I will make sure I address as many of your concerns as possible.

Looking forward to hearing your questions, post them below:


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