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Leonardo da Vinci said:

“Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works.
You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it.
Then you do something else. The trick is to do something else.”

Though simply stated, this says a lot.

What do you think? Comment below…


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Not another Reality TV show…or is it?

Internet TV showOK, I have to admit, I was completely skeptical when I heard about this one. Not another reality TV show! UGH! And especially one about being the next millionaire…
But there were several reasons I tuned in:

  1. It was about Internet Marketing, and that is my business – though there is a difference, in my mind between an “Internet marketer” and “making the Internet work as a marketing tool” (the latter is what I do)
  2. This TV show is a Full Fledge Production done Exclusively on the Web!
  3. Joel Comm is a Colorado neighbor – though I have never met him. He is up in Loveland, not too far from Boulder, so I probably should take a ride up that way
  4. I heard Mark Joyner was going to be on it and he is one guy I do listen to

So what did I think of The Next Internet Millionaire? And why am I sharing this with you?

SIMPLE: It is a great introduction into understanding what the Internet is all about.

I found it to be a useful learning tool. And…they started with Mark Joyner’s Simpleology.

What a brilliant and useful way to begin any challenge.

Simpleolgy is a fantastic – and FREE – program for teaching you about staying focused to your goal, whether that goal is writing a book, booking a tour or getting an online presence for yourself. Which is why I am mentioning both Simpleology and The Next Internet Millionaire!

So, even if you aren’t looking to become rich from the Internet, you’ll still learn valuable tools to help your Major Target Goal (be it a book deal or a record contract), by establishing your online presence now.

If you were planning on watching an hour of TV tonight, instead, watch this 51 min 4 sec Net-Only Reality Show. That is correct, you can only watch it online. YET, I was quite surprised at how professionally it was put together.

The thing I like the best:

The Sandbox – I am not going to elaborate on this one, because you have to watch it to appreciate it!

Nice job, Joel and crew!

Now, go check out Episode 1 of The Next Internet Millionaire. And you don’t need Tivo to record it – you can watch it anywhere and at any time – providing you have a computer with Internet access.


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Someone emailed me today about Google’s Page Creator.

Since I didn’t ask her permission to use her name, I won’t be sharing that here.

But I thought I would take a minute to review this FREE tool for creating a website on the fly.

Things to know:

  • You need a Gmail account to use this free service – gmail is a free service, as well.
  • Once you have activated your gmail account, you are ready to begin. Go to: http://googlepages.com
  • You don’t have to purchase a domain name or a hosting service.
  • You do – kind of – get to pick your site name (a.k.a. domain name or URL), but it does also contain the words googlepages in it – for instance, I did a quick test site, as an example: http://uniquethink.googlepages.com (notice the words googlepage.com)
  • You don’t need to know HTML to use this tool
  • You can change the look (visual design) to one of their pre-existing templates – here are a few I like:
    • Bob Retro
    • Paper Legal Pad
    • Paper Plain White
    • Branches Template design
  • And you can change the layout (1 column, 2 column, 3 column)
  • However, you are limited to the choices they have set up
  • You can add images, change the color and style of the words and these functions are all done with a set of tools similar to those you’d find in Word. Which makes it really easy to use
  • They also have a selection of “addons”(they call them “gadgets”), which allow you to provide the weather, time, or a youtube video (to name a few) right from your home page
  • You can add extra pages – just like a real site

So, what are the limitations:

  • You can’t change their template layout more than with the options they provide
  • Your site name will have the words googlepages.com in it
  • You are only given 100MB of storage for images – but that isn’t bad, if you use “web friendly” low-res images. Plus you can always get more free storage from a site like flickr
  • I didn’t see a way to add a pdf, unless you host it somewhere else

I am sure there are more limitations than that, but remember, you are able to get a site up without a web designer (or their bill of services) and without domain and hosting costs.

You could start with this idea and get going today. Or you can just use WordPress.com – which I personally would do, if I were just starting out and needed a quick Free site.

What? You thought wordpress was a blogging tool? Oh, yeah, it’s good for that as well! I’ll be writing more about turning wordpress into a website soon!

For now, feel free to try it yourself by going to wordpress.com and setting up a free site through them. Or try the Google’s Page Creator.

Either way, let me know two things, by commenting below:

  1. Which tool did you choose and why?
  2. Were there comments, phrases or terms that you need explained better – like the term “low-res”? If so, which ones…

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