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Logo Contest

here’s cool logo contest I thought I’d share with you:


The Video Station offers the best selection of films for rent: documentaries, foreign films and indie cult classics that you can’t find in the typical movie rental store.

Why not incite some inspiration and consider entering to win over $720 in prizes!

I’m sure you can do better than their current logo:

Submit by Oct 3rd to be considered. All entries get 5 Free Catalog Movie Rentals! And the grand prize is $720 worth of cool prizes!


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I am categorizing this as a STARTER post – meaning – for someone just starting to build an online presence.

I received this email today, from someone who attended the conference – are you in the same boat as her? If so, hope this post helps:

QuestionQ: I need a really good, comprehensive glossary about Internet terminology and especially about Internet commerce terminology. Where can I get one? Is there a web site where I can look-up terms free?

(At the conference) Even a little bit of what you said, I did not understand, but I was too embarrassed to raise my hand to ask. You tried to make the audience feel free to ask whatever we needed to know, but some things are just so basic that I did not feel free, despite your efforts. – Anonymous

Here is my answer to her:

A: Never feel uncomfortable asking a question – if someone gives attitude, just remind them that they probably didn’t know what it meant at one time, either!!! And then start giving them terminology from something you are an expert on that they know nothing about. For instance, I know ‘nothing’ about cooking! So, it is easy to stump me there! hehe!

As for defining terms, I usually do the following to find out what something technical means:

  1. Go to Google
  2. Type in “define:” (without the quote marks)
  3. Then type the term you are looking for – so for instance, if you were looking for the definition of “ecommerce” type in define: ecommerce

It will bring you to a list of definitions – here is the link to the above mentioned search.

Also when in doubt, try wikipedia.org – it is a free online encyclopedia.

If you don’t mind, I’d love to post your question and the answer on the blog – for the others who were afraid to raise their hands. I can leave your name out, if you are more comfortable being anonymous. Just let me know.

What part of what I said didn’t you understand (from the conference or this email)? I tried to put definitions into the presentation whenever possible, but of course there are words that I take for granted, and should NOT. So, let me know, if you remember, and I will try to answer them on the blog for you and others.

Hope that helps,

OK: Now for the rest of you who were uncomfortable raising your hands, you can either write an anonymous comment below or use the contact me page to send me a private note. I look forward to helping you.

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Here is the first answer, of many, to questions asked at the SCBWI Fall Conference – I am giving this a RANKING OF ADVANCED TECHNIQUES – meaning this is something you do once your site is up and running, to get more traffic to you:

Q: How do you spell Technorati?

A: Obviously, the correct spelling is above, but here is a link to Technorati.


Now, let’s address this question: What is Technorati about?


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SCBWIGlad to see you found this site!

If you were at the Fall Conference, you know this is the place to keep in touch with me about building an online presence.

I plan to provide answers to all the web and marketing questions people asked prior and during the conference. And, of course, feel free to email me a specific question at any time.

For the moment, I just want to welcome you and encourage you to either bookmark this page, use the RSS feed to add it to your preferred reader, or join my mailing list.

By tomorrow, I will have added more answers. So, stay in touch.

sample author siteFor now – here is the link to the iambethany.wordpress.com site I set up to show you an example of how wordpress (traditionally used as a blog) can become your FREE tool to create a site today.

I also have a sample of how Google Page Creator works, so check out that post, too.

OH, and if you misplaced the presentation print out – or want to share it with someone – just send me an email and I will be glad to send a pdf version to you.

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