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An old associate of mine, who worked on Marc Ian Barasch’s Compassionate Life Book Tour with me, emailed me about keeping track of her time. Since this is important for a lot of people (writers and consultants who get paid for their time, for example), I asked her if I could share our email exchange with all of you.

Hope you find it helpful:

Hi Bethany! Do you still have/use that time tracker widget that you sent me when we were working on the booktour? If you do, could you please resend the link? If not, is there a new one that you’re using/would recommend??



Dana L. McDowell, MA – (303) 241-5057
Nutritional Psychology…it’s NOT “just in your head”! (TM)

My Response:

Hi Dana:

I highly recommend the time tracker I am using now – and have been enjoying for about a year and a half.

It is called OfficeTime: http://www.officetime.net

They are in Beta for the PC, so you can get to use it without any cost (and it is already fairly stable!). If you are on a Mac (like me), they also provide a 21-day fully activated Free Trial. It only cost $39.95, and it has more than paid for itself!

My personal favorite feature is if I walk away from the computer, when I return, it reminds me I have been away from it for X amount of mins. It then asks if I want to subtract those mins from the project it was timing, add them or move them to another project.

So, if the phone rang and it was related to that client, I would add the mins. If it was for another client, I would move the mins to that appropriate project and if it was…say, my mom, I could subtract the minutes completely!

I can’t tell you how much this feature alone has saved me. I used to forget to add client calls, now I get paid for that time! Oh, and it has an invoicing system built in. So, the client and I am both able to see where I spent my time.

Anyway, I love it – but should tell you, I was so impressed with it, that I started a dialog with the developer and he is now one of my clients. Just need to make sure I disclose that. I don’t currently make any commission if you purchase it, but thought you should know.

If you have more questions, just ask. Here’s their link: http://www.officetime.net

Oh, and that old time tracker we used on Marc’s campaign – which was really limited, but is free – is here: http://www.stcassociates.com/lab/timetracker.html

I can’t imagine using anything but OfficeTime, though!


NOTE FROM BETHANY: Dana has started a wonderful practice focusing on Nutritional Psychology – I love her tag line: …it’s NOT “just in your head”!™ – Isn’t that clever, if you know someone who is looking for guidance, give her a call at (303) 241-5057


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