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For those of you who are musicians or know someone who is a wanna be rock star, I thought I’d mention this contest and product launch by Mark Joyner (the guy who does Simpleology and gave that free blogging course away).

It’s called:

How to Be a Rock Star – Literally

There is a short deadline, 1/29, for the contest, sorry just posting this now, but I figured it was better to mention it to you than not to.

It is for musicians – and if you do enter a video – following the rules, you could be exposed to over 250,000 people.

It is based around a product launch, but you don’t have to purchase the product (though I like his other products or I won’t be mentioning that part).

For the contest:

Just click here and then SCROLL to the BOTTOM to be taken to the info about the contest:

I really like the other programs from this guy (as you probably already know), have 4 different courses myself.  I started with Simpleology 101 – and each one is simple, informative and teaches you to take action!  I probably won’t buy this musician one, just because I don’t want to be a famous musician, but if it is like his other stuff, I am sure it is good for helping you gain exposure.  And if nothing else, enter the contest to try to gain a bit of exposure now.

Let me know if you have any question about it, but if you can do a video rather quickly (it doesn’t have to be professional quality), you could win or at least get a bit of exposure now.

Keep on rockin’,



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