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Someone directed me to this very interesting New York Times article and I had to share it with you:

Why Blog? Reason No. 92: Book Deal

It talks about how a blogger got a VERY big advance on a book deal.

See it does happen!

As for the article, I especially liked the following line from this NY Times article: “Mr. Andersen said what impressed him about White People‚Äôs prospects as a book is that it was already sort of unbloglike.”

You can read the article yourself, to see how Christian Lander, the blogger/new author, made his site unique – as well as how other bloggers have turned their sites into book deals.

As those who consult with me know, I continuously encourage thinking outside the blog: Finding new ways to use the blog tool to do your own unique thinking. So, this article goes along with what I have been saying.

Stuff White People Like BlogBy the way, I had to check out this guys blog, because the name of it was so amusing: Stuff White People Like

It ends up that he is using the same wordpress template as I do (though he changed the header). The reason I mention this is: It is a free blog theme, hosted on wordpress.com.

As some of you who have read this blog from the beginning know, I have not customized this template for 1 specific reason: I want you to understand how easy it is to get a blog up and running.

And, as this guy has proven, even with a free blog site, you CAN really get a literary agent interested enough to pitch you to a publishing house, and end up with a $300,000 advance – at least Christian Lander did.

Just remember two things:

1. You have to think unique about how you utilize this free tool

2. Without a blog, it will be hard to duplicate his success of going from blogger to published author

So, go right now and sign up for a free blog: wordpress.com


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