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Here is an interesting Free online event. This one is on making your site search engine friendly:

Secrets to Creating a Search Engine Friendly Website

Time and Place Date: Thursday, May 22, 2008
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am PDT (that’s 11am for MST)
Location: Online



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WordPress Workshop Today

I probably should have posted this earlier, sorry.

Eliana Berlfein and the ladies of the Boulder Design Group have invited Angela Bowman and myself to give a WordPress Workshop for them, tonight at 5pm. So, email or call me to find out details, if you can make it.

At our last BDG meeting, Angela and I started telling everyone why we love WordPress. By the way, until last month, I had never met Angela. Yet, we connected so powerfully and, well, I guess persuasively that the group asked us to do a full presentation about how to use WordPress to build websites.

The best part is Angela and I come at it from different angles.

I come from the traditional offline marketing world and have been loving the Internet since 1995, when I first started using it as a research tool. Since then, with my company, UniqueThink, I have taught myself how to do social media and build search engine and visitor friendly sites for clients with small budgets.

Here is an example of some recent WordPress based sites I created:

Approachable Nutrition

Joseph Brenna’s Guitar Site

And, the latest (which I am collaborating with Patricia McFadden, the author on) is:

P.S. McFadden: Children’s Writer

Angela Bowman is a graphic designer, who started building sites for clients and found the versatility of WordPress was an incredible benefit for her and the client.

Here are a couple of the sites she used WordPress on:

Wendy the Weaver

Financial Abundance Guide

And, boy I wish I could show you her latest two, but they are still being designed and I am not sure she’d be happy with me. However, they are 100 times better than the two I just showed you of hers, not that they aren’t great sites.

But the fact is, we both are getting better every day, not only in our areas of specialty, but in each others areas, as well. And part of that reason is because we are sharing information with each other (and we’ve only known one another a month, yet we’ve both learned so much!).

So, tonight we are sharing that knowledge with the ladies of the Boulder Design Group.

If you are interested in the WordPress Workshop and can’t make it tonight, contact us to arrange for us to do this workshop with your group.

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Thought some of you might find this of interest. It’s a FREE online event being put together by WebEx and MarketingSherpa:

Event: 2008 Marketing eSummit
Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Event hours: 11am – 5pm EDT / 8am – 2pm PDT (that’s 9am for us mountain folk!)
View the Program Agenda


Join in to discover best practices, get expert advice on emerging technologies in online marketing, and the best part is it is free & you don’t even have to leave your desk.

Sign up today! And meet me there.

Also, if you do attend, come back here and share the most important tip you learned!

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Eliana of the Boulder Design Group shared this video with me. I loved it and thought it might be of interest to some of you:

Cover Story interview with John Gall
After all, a main marketing tool for any new book is its cover. This series, being put together by Barnes and Nobles, offers a look into the designing of book covers.

The first interview is with John Gall of Vintage & Anchor Books who shares his 5 rules for good book cover design.

My only disappointment in this series is that it is not a book, or at least it isn’t yet. Though I enjoyed the video, I would love to have this as a hardcover coffee table book, which had both the covers and the stories behind them.

Also, as a marketer, I’d have put a link on the page to be notified of the next installment in the series. This would make the visitor happy, because they’d remember to come back, plus B&N would have them on their mailing list.

What do you think? Let us know… post a comment below.

Click here to watch Cover Story now.

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I read about this video in an email from Very Short List and hesitated to go over and watch it, because I have a busy schedule today.

However, something made me check it out and, well, maybe it was exactly what I needed. It reminds me that sometimes you don’t need words to create a timeless message.

So, I decided to put the video here for you.  Hope it incites inspiration (on whatever level) for you, as well:

Inciting Inspiration: Combining timeless genius for a fresh look at today

The YouTube page states this:

No cue cards, no teleprompters, and no second takes–legendary funnyman Sid Caesar pioneered live television sketch comedy with his 1950s sitcoms Your Show of Shows and Caesar’s Hour. This classic sketch is “Argument to Beethoven’s 5th,” Sid Caesar and Nanette Fabray play a married couple in a argument with pantomimed action and the dialogue is classic music.Enjoy!

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