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The Irresistible Offer
Whether you are an author (presenting a book to a publisher), a musician (trying to book a gig), an artist (approaching a gallery), even a mom (getting the kids to sleep) you need to be able to capture people’s attention immediately, to get them interested in your irresistible offer.

One of my marketing mentors is Mark Joyner.

Though Mark makes it his business to sell (who doesn’t, really), he is also one of the most ethical marketers around. And I feel that is his strongest asset.

After all, we are constantly presenting or presented with offers. Think of the publisher listening to yet another one of our pitches or the child wanting yet another bedtime story. If we can quickly and concisely present the perfect offer – one that genuinely takes the recipient into account and addresses their needs and wants – we can make a deal that works for all.

Mark takes marketing to that level better than most and that is why I read his books, as well as use his Simpleology programs (which I will talk more about in another post – Simpleology 101 is Free, by the way, if you want to give it a go).

But right now, I wanted to mention one of his easy to follow titles called The Irresistible Offer. I have both the book and the audiobook versions of this informative marketing guide. So, this tells you how important I find the content.

Why do I think it can assist you?

  • It is written in a simple format that is great for even the most un-marketing savvy folks
  • The information is useful and action oriented, yet not overwhelming to implement
  • The examples he uses are fun, familiar and easy to digest
  • Here is part of his Introduction:




    There are 86,400 seconds in a day.

    You have exactly 3 of them to capture the mind of your prospect.”

    Throughout the rest of this impressive – yet quick – read, he shows you how to do just that.

    Mark offers grounded, action-oriented advice to help you come up with ideas that are easy to implement and allows you to present your offer without feeling like some marketing gimmick.

    If you have read Mark’s books or taken Simpleology, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Comment below, please, to allow others to have additional reviews.

    By the way, you can listen to the first 5 mins of The Irresistible Offer by clicking here!


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