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Hi all,

It’s been a while since I posted, sorry about that, life has been super busy! I hope to update you on all of it soon, but wanted to make sure you knew about this upcoming WordPress Teleclass I am doing for Dhyan of Satisfaction By Design (First 10 To Comment Get In FREE) :

Oct 15 – It’s a Blog. It’s a Website. It’s a Marketing Tool … It’s WordPress! (Bethany Siegler of UniqueThink) WordPress makes blogging easy, but do you know the advantages to creating your whole site with WordPress? This powerful (and free) application has a system to manage your content plus a visual editor, making it simple to bullet point copy, add images, and more… all without paying a designer. Find out why WordPress is loved by search engines and why you should consider building your entire site on this powerful platform!

If you have been considering building a site, this is the way to go. It offers so many advantages, which we’ll address on the call.

I’m so excited to share this info with Dhyan and her loyal listeners! And, Dhyan has generously given me a few free passes to the event (a $27 value!). The first three 10 (Dhyan has given me more tickets!) folks to comment below that they want to attend will get to join in free.

Or just register for the class, it’s very reasonably priced:


To see samples of sites I have created using WordPress, I have put a list of links up on my UniqueThink site.

Hope to have a lot of folks join in on this one. WordPress is one of my favorite topics!

See ya on the call…


P.S. If you are one of the first 10 to comment below, I’ll send you an email with details to call in! Thanks!


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Someone directed me to this very interesting New York Times article and I had to share it with you:

Why Blog? Reason No. 92: Book Deal

It talks about how a blogger got a VERY big advance on a book deal.

See it does happen!

As for the article, I especially liked the following line from this NY Times article: “Mr. Andersen said what impressed him about White People‚Äôs prospects as a book is that it was already sort of unbloglike.”

You can read the article yourself, to see how Christian Lander, the blogger/new author, made his site unique – as well as how other bloggers have turned their sites into book deals.

As those who consult with me know, I continuously encourage thinking outside the blog: Finding new ways to use the blog tool to do your own unique thinking. So, this article goes along with what I have been saying.

Stuff White People Like BlogBy the way, I had to check out this guys blog, because the name of it was so amusing: Stuff White People Like

It ends up that he is using the same wordpress template as I do (though he changed the header). The reason I mention this is: It is a free blog theme, hosted on wordpress.com.

As some of you who have read this blog from the beginning know, I have not customized this template for 1 specific reason: I want you to understand how easy it is to get a blog up and running.

And, as this guy has proven, even with a free blog site, you CAN really get a literary agent interested enough to pitch you to a publishing house, and end up with a $300,000 advance – at least Christian Lander did.

Just remember two things:

1. You have to think unique about how you utilize this free tool

2. Without a blog, it will be hard to duplicate his success of going from blogger to published author

So, go right now and sign up for a free blog: wordpress.com

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Let me start this by stating though this post references book promotion online, this information is relevant for most products.

Lately, Amy Gahran of Contentious.com, has shared links to some interesting podcasts (see my post called The Art of Giving it away on my UniqueThink blog).

BlogTalkRadioToday, Amy mentioned this podcast from BlogTalkRadio:
Inside Out: Creating and Promoting Books With Social Media/Web 2.0

Nettie Hartsock and Sybil Stershic join Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing to talk about using social media to create and promote books.

It’s a good listen. And I agreed with many of the things these women shared, except (more…)

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