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Don’t Vote

Thanks to andrewhyde for retweeting @MoCheeks : who wrote on Twitter: DON’T VOTE !! http://tinyurl.com/44vo9h // 5 Friends (very well done video). are you registered yet?

Hope it incites inspiration in you, too! I actually checked to make sure I was registered after seeing this, even though I was pretty sure I was. It worked!  Thanks everyone who was involved in getting this video out.


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Eliana of the Boulder Design Group shared this video with me. I loved it and thought it might be of interest to some of you:

Cover Story interview with John Gall
After all, a main marketing tool for any new book is its cover. This series, being put together by Barnes and Nobles, offers a look into the designing of book covers.

The first interview is with John Gall of Vintage & Anchor Books who shares his 5 rules for good book cover design.

My only disappointment in this series is that it is not a book, or at least it isn’t yet. Though I enjoyed the video, I would love to have this as a hardcover coffee table book, which had both the covers and the stories behind them.

Also, as a marketer, I’d have put a link on the page to be notified of the next installment in the series. This would make the visitor happy, because they’d remember to come back, plus B&N would have them on their mailing list.

What do you think? Let us know… post a comment below.

Click here to watch Cover Story now.

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I read about this video in an email from Very Short List and hesitated to go over and watch it, because I have a busy schedule today.

However, something made me check it out and, well, maybe it was exactly what I needed. It reminds me that sometimes you don’t need words to create a timeless message.

So, I decided to put the video here for you.  Hope it incites inspiration (on whatever level) for you, as well:

Inciting Inspiration: Combining timeless genius for a fresh look at today

The YouTube page states this:

No cue cards, no teleprompters, and no second takes–legendary funnyman Sid Caesar pioneered live television sketch comedy with his 1950s sitcoms Your Show of Shows and Caesar’s Hour. This classic sketch is “Argument to Beethoven’s 5th,” Sid Caesar and Nanette Fabray play a married couple in a argument with pantomimed action and the dialogue is classic music.Enjoy!

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Here’s a quick video of Joel Comm getting over his writer’s block. His idea may help you, too.

I know, whenever I have any kind of creative block, I do as Joel suggests, and I remove myself from where I am. I saw a video years ago, can’t recall where, and they talked about this. They said when a ‘man’ (their words not mine) has a problem he needs to solve, he will usually do something to blow off steam. They showed a guy going out and playing basketball.

Then they said, LADIES, are you listening: “Women” (again, their words not mine) tend to dwell on their problems and don’t move pass them as easily. So, to prove them wrong (about women), I have always gone for a walk, gone for a drive, or even moved to another project. While I am doing the other activity, almost always, a light bulb goes off and I find my solution.

Just keep a small notebook and pen handy, so you can pick up where you left off…and bring your mittens (if you take Joel’s ‘uniquethink’ for locations to visit…)

By the way, if you have your own ‘uniquethink’ (a special trick or tip) for removing writer’s block, share it with everyone here, by commenting below.

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For those of you who are musicians or know someone who is a wanna be rock star, I thought I’d mention this contest and product launch by Mark Joyner (the guy who does Simpleology and gave that free blogging course away).

It’s called:

How to Be a Rock Star – Literally

There is a short deadline, 1/29, for the contest, sorry just posting this now, but I figured it was better to mention it to you than not to.

It is for musicians – and if you do enter a video – following the rules, you could be exposed to over 250,000 people.

It is based around a product launch, but you don’t have to purchase the product (though I like his other products or I won’t be mentioning that part).

For the contest:

Just click here and then SCROLL to the BOTTOM to be taken to the info about the contest:

I really like the other programs from this guy (as you probably already know), have 4 different courses myself.  I started with Simpleology 101 – and each one is simple, informative and teaches you to take action!  I probably won’t buy this musician one, just because I don’t want to be a famous musician, but if it is like his other stuff, I am sure it is good for helping you gain exposure.  And if nothing else, enter the contest to try to gain a bit of exposure now.

Let me know if you have any question about it, but if you can do a video rather quickly (it doesn’t have to be professional quality), you could win or at least get a bit of exposure now.

Keep on rockin’,


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I fell in love this weekend, with the 5th floor of the Denver Public Library. OK, so I am a dork, but it is true. And if you are looking for a way to incite inspiration, this might be a good place for you to check out (no pun intended).

The reason I discovered this find was because I went on a Writers’ Tour of Denver with Cynthia Morris. Cynthia normally does these great writers’ tours through Paris and I’ve always dreamed of joining her, but…well…haven’t. So, when I heard she was doing one in Denver, I had to jump at the chance.

And I am so glad I did. We started the day by meeting in Denver’s Civic Center Park and walked across to the library – where, after a short but invigorating free write, Cynthia introduced us to a librarian named Bruce.

Bruce can be found on the 5th Floor, which houses Western History and Genealogy. He shared with us as many resources as he could in 1 hour and did an amazing job. We all agreed, we could have spent the whole ‘field trip’ right there, but Cynthia had lots of other great things to show us. First, however, we had another 10 minutes dedicated to writing whatever we wanted.

Just a quick view into how what Bruce shared inspired my writing session: While showing us the card catalog of newspaper articles, he explained how in the 1800’s (before mailmen), when packages came, the newspaper would list the names of anyone who had a letter waiting for them at the post office. This, combined with an historic photograph he showed us, of a woman standing on the street in front of the then-opera house, sparked a story about the day a letter came that would take this woman on an adventure to San Francisco.  It was a blast to get lost in this character’s world.

This post would run too long if I shared even the small slivers of resources Bruce revealed to us, so I will leave you to discover them all on your own. Go visit the 5th Floor. Tell them you want to be inspired.

The rest of Cynthia’s tour was just as exhilarating:

A visit to The Denver Woman’s Press Club (DWPC),one of the oldest women’s press clubs in the nation had us laughing as we listened to a food critic talk about his experiences with area restaurants.

And no tour would be complete without a ride down the 16th Street Mall. While listening to Cynthia quote what other writers had to say about their visits to Denver, we discovered Walt Whitman was quite a fan of our little cowtown.

We had a lovely lunch at a new Italian eatery, then for dessert headed over to the Tattered Cover. There, Cynthia sent us on a quest: “Go to the section of the store, where your book will be placed (once it’s published) and tell me whose company you will be sharing.”

This exercise, alone, would have made my day. I found out I will be next to Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, one of my all time favorite books, once my picture book is in print. Yet, Cynthia had more ideas in mind. Over cupcakes and cookies (comfort food), she took us out of our comfort zones with some one on one consultation about our individual ‘writer’s wants’. It was rather powerful stuff for me – let’s see if I can do justice describing it: “I could tell you all the things to do,” she remarked, “but what I think you need to tell yourself is why you aren’t doing them already.” And then she helped me to unearth what it really was (not what I said it was) that kept blocking me in the re-visioning stage of my picture book.

I came home filled with ideas and inspiration. So, my advice to you: Next time you need a mini writer’s vacation, join Cynthia or visit the 5th floor of the Denver Library. You don’t even have to have a card, but any resident of Colorado can obtain one.

It’s great to incite you own inspiration, but when you need help, consider taking Cynthia’s tour.

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Logo Contest

here’s cool logo contest I thought I’d share with you:


The Video Station offers the best selection of films for rent: documentaries, foreign films and indie cult classics that you can’t find in the typical movie rental store.

Why not incite some inspiration and consider entering to win over $720 in prizes!

I’m sure you can do better than their current logo:

Submit by Oct 3rd to be considered. All entries get 5 Free Catalog Movie Rentals! And the grand prize is $720 worth of cool prizes!

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